The Story of USM Haller

In preparation of the new USM brochures arriving, we wanted to make sure everyone knows exactly why we love this company so much. A major part of that is the story and founding principles that are put into practice to this very day.

The Haller storage system from USM is a world-renowned storage solution system. A modular piece of furniture that is unrivalled due to its unique design. At the heart of every piece of USM is the patented chrome plated brass balls.

Beginning as a hardware store in 1885, the company then went onto work with windows and later sheet metals. It wasn’t until 1963 that the USM we know today, with its design focused approach, was devised. With this new-found approach, the company felt it was only right to create a completely new factory.

Architect, Fritz Haller, designed the building based on a modular steel construction system. Completely neutral in concept, the building would be dynamic and able to expand and change to the requirements of the company over time. The Factory was the inspiration behind the fascinating USM modular furniture “haller” product line which USM originally only intended for internal use.

Loved by visitors to the factory, the product was launched commercially in 1965, becoming one of the true forms of a timeless classic. To this day, the Haller range utilises the same original fittings, colour scheme and equipment. Meaning USM bought today in 2019 will match and attach to the original release models from 1965.

A product and storage system built around patented ball-joint connecting tubular framing which is then fitted and furnished with a wide range parts. Powder-coated sheet steel in 14 original colours are options for shelves, doors, drawers and walls. Plastic glides or castors support the overall structures. Furthermore, components are widely recyclable.

USM is timeless. In an industry sometimes obsessed with “new product”, USM boldly announced there is no new products, only new configurations! Comparable with the ethos of LEGO, USM is made up of consistent parts, which can be reconfigured for different usage.

USM is found in the homes of design conscious connoisseurs who expect nothing but the best. As well as being used as contemporary contract furniture for business spaces. The Haller system is acknowledged and honoured in Germany as functional art which is patent protected. Furthermore, it’s acceptance into the museum of modern art (MoMA) in New York in 2001 is a high distinction and confirms the artistic character of the product.

Further releases:
USM Display (presentation system in 1989),
USM Kitos (modular table system in 1990),
USM Inos (internal organisation system in 1996),
USM Privacy Panels (room dividers in 2015).

A design classic that Tangram has proudly represented throughout Scotland and beyond since 2015.
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