Tangram Product Awards 2017

Tangram’s Product Awards 2017

As the end of the year draws closer we reflect on our favourite products of 2017. These have been selected by each team member – whether that be because they were the most popular with our customers or perhaps they feature in our own homes. No matter the reason we hope you enjoy this celebration of product excellence.

USM  – Haller

usm haller

First up is the USM Haller, a humble and extremely flexible storage system, it is no wonder that this was on our list. Interior Designer Jenny Milne has chosen this as her product of the year for it is a key piece in her living room, fitting in beautifully with the design scheme as well as ensuring a clutter free space.


Rimadesio – Self

Rimadesio Self

Selected by Interior Designer Joanne Golden.

Self is beautifully engineered with a vast range of finishes and complete freedom of composition. Joanne has used Self in many projects this year including dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Its adaptability is quite unique, but moreover, its aesthetic is exquisite.


Carl Hansen & Son – CH25

Carl Hansen & Son CH25

A lounge chair that the whole team adores – particularly our Contract Director, Sarah Ramsay. CH25 is on her Christmas list for the second year running and for good reason. It is no secret that Carl Hansen & Son excels at craftsmanship – the seat and back of this single chair can take an incredible 10 hours to hand-weave. Outstanding and unquestionable beauty – we hope Santa is good to you this year Sarah!


Moooi – Perch

Moooi Perch

Moooi is a brand that screams elegance, innovation and a touch of wackiness. The Perch light, chosen by Marketing Assistant Pippa, is a product of all three. As Moooi so accurately describe, the Perch is a ‘triumph of nature and beauty’.


Louis Poulsen – NJP

NJP Louis Poulsen

Selected by Interior Designer Neli Zhecheva, the NJP is a wonderful table light that sits on her work desk at Tangram. Appreciation for this light is not limited to its aesthetics, it’s performance is also key. Glare-free, stable and solid – yet very light and with great freedom of movement. Clever engineering allows for the arm of the light to illuminate, this is turn creates a lovely ambience perfect for reading or working.


Walter Knoll – Healey Lounge

Walter Knoll Healey Lounge

Last but not least is the stunning Healey Lounge from Walter Knoll chosen by Tangram’s Managing Director, Julian Darwell-Stone.

Supreme comfort is accomplished through soft leather upholstery, underlined by piped quilting. This distinctive technique in design was implemented to portray a level of sophistication that you could also find in legendary classic cars.

Striking and full of personality, the Healey Lounge is in a class of its own.


If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned, please feel free to get in touch. Our team at Tangram would love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy the festive season and look forward to seeing you in 2018!