Libera Armchair – STUA


Jon Gasca & Jesús Gasca


L 71 x W 62 x H 77




Base material: Solid wood


From £753 inc. VAT

Libera Armchair – STUA
Design by Jesús Gasca, the founder of STUA, and his son Jon Gasca. The solid wooden frame of the Libera is visually stunning, and has a distinctively fluid shape to it. Using contemporary technology the wooden exteriors are now tactile and display the living natural of the material. In addition, Libera has achieved a sound level of comfort by the use of new elastic materials making this armchair excellent for home design or commercial projects. Stua highlight the following the quote of Mies Van Der Rohe “God is in the details” the frame of Libera Armchair has a classic shape, with details enhanced through the use of state-of-the-art technology. Jesús & Jon Gasca have created a timeless piece of design representing Stua’s forte of enduring nature of form.


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