Add Cable Table – Lammhults


Anya Sebton


H: 55 & 66 CM


Powder coasted steel, Cork




£499 inc. VAT, Removable cork top £130

Add Cable Table – Lammhults
Designed by Anya Sebton. Add Cable Table is designed to never let multiport charging be more than an arm’s length away. Equipped with power outlets and Power USB it allows you to power up your laptop, phone or tablet. Gather several tables to create a spontaneous meeting, perfect for the activity-based environment. Texture powder coated spin formed steel foot with pillar of 25mm steel tubing. Table top of 3 mm texture powder coated steel sheet. Felt glides. Incl. 5m retractable cord reel. Anthracite outlets in two versions: 2 power outlets or 1 power outlet + 2 Power USB.
Note! Plug and sockets only in Schuko standard. Options: Removable cork top

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