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How to choose the perfect rug

Why put rugs in your interior?

Gandia Blasco rug, choosing a rug.

Tip: For your hallway consider selecting a rug which uses colours from different rooms in your home. This offers an introduction to what lies behind the doors.

Use large rugs to create an impact, or two or three smaller rugs to help define space, particularly in open-plan living.

Rugs are a great way to add texture, especially in hard-floored bedrooms adding softness and warmth underfoot.

A runner in a hallway can add colour and pattern and help lead your eye.

How to choose a rug

Location, location, location…

Think about the location before choosing the type of rug. A long luxurious pile would be very suitable for a living area or bedroom where there is low traffic, while a more hardwearing short pile or woven (kelim) rug would be perfect for a hallway or kitchen.

Always remember to consider the location of doorways. If your rug is going to be placed in an area where a door will be opened over it then make sure that there is enough clearance under the door – 10-20mm should be sufficient but always check the pile height of your rug.

Consider purchasing a non-slip underlay when placing a rug on a timber or tiled floor.

Size Guide

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The rug should be in proportion to the furniture; ideally marginally wider than the furniture it is sitting with.

Consider whether the rug is to act as an ‘island’ for furniture – this can be particularly useful in large rooms where you want to define a space. Always allow at least a 10cm border around the furniture so that the rug comfortably accommodates the furniture and looks generous.

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Tip: Remember that rugs needn’t always be rectangular, consider round rugs, great under a round dining table or placed in a cosy corner with an armchair and reading light.

When placing a rug under a dining table make it at least 120cm bigger than the table on all sides so that the dining chairs can be pushed back without the back legs falling off the rug.

In bedrooms it can often be more cost effective to put a small rug at either side of the bed or at the end of the bed rather than place the bed on top of a large rug as you end up paying for a large rug much of which will never be seen!

When selecting the length of a runner always be mindful of doors in hallways. Make sure that the rug does not stop in the middle of any perpendicular doorways. It should either stop short just before the frame or continue past the door.

If you’d like advice on the best rug for your space then reach out to our interior designers based in Edinburgh today.