Blinds: Safety First


With the recent introduction of new legislation on blind cords and child safety, we’re focusing on the importance of blind safety.   Blinds are an essential part of many interiors as they provide privacy while still allowing light to shine through and keep the place feeling bright! But… Keeping safe with the correct blinds is equally as important.

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In response to the deaths of children in homes who have been strangled by window blind cords, EC legislation has now been implemented in the UK which has an impact on the installation of blinds.


Blinds with chains or cords must now be fitted with limits on the length of cords and the inclusion of either a chain break or retaining device.  These new regulations aren’t exclusive to roller blinds, but also apply to roman and venetian blinds.


On a more architectural note, it is also important to consider blind fixtures early on in the design process.  To ensure the best practical and aesthetic outcome, it’s preferable to consider fitting requirements – particularly with electric blinds which can result in unsightly cables if the window heading is not properly designed.

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