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2020 has brought many changes to our daily lives. One of which is that more and more of us are now working from home. While some of us will welcome this change, many will struggle to adapt.

The ability to separate work life from home life can be a challenge but having the right space to work in will help distinguish one from the other. This involves a workspace that is both comfortable and functional to ensure that productivity levels and professionalism are maintained.

We may spend hours at a time sitting and staring at our screens which can have a detrimental long-term effect on our health. However, with the right furniture and lighting, this problem can be minimised. Discover our Home Office collection to help you create the perfect space that optimises productivity and comfort.

From stylish ergonomic chairs,

Vitra Pacific Chair

To glare-free lighting

Kaiser Table Light

Desks that encourage inspiration

B&B recipio

And clever storage solutions

usm haller

Create a home office that is unique to your style and needs, or let us do the hard work for you and get in touch today!

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