Interior Design

Why hire an interior designer?

Perhaps you are thinking I know my interior style and what I want to achieve better than anyone else, so why should I hire an interior designer? 

There are many reasons why an interior designer is the best way forward and here we explore a few. 

Interior designers are trained professionals, most have a recognised qualification and years of experience in the field. On a daily basis they are likely to be looking at plans, identifying the potential of a spacecomposing mood boardskeeping up with trends, space planning, furniture planning and much more. They live and breathe design. Taking advantage of this knowledge and experience ensures that your project will be right first time, with no costly mistakes. 

Tangram showroom

Interior design is not as simple as just choosing the right furniture. A designer knows how to make a room work and by this we don’t just mean visually.  

A well-designed space will ensure that functionality is never forgotten. Understanding the space and how it will be used is fundamental to the design process. This will inform decisions such as blinds or curtains, paint choice, table heights, fabric choice, rug sizes, lighting positions etc. Interior designers will also, when necessary, suggest more substantial changes for issues such as awkward room shapes or problematic traffic flows.  

These creative solutions and decisions will always be made with you in mind as a good interior designerecognises the importance of really getting to know the client. This means fully understanding their likes and dislikes, listening to their vision or where necessary helping to create one. Building this relationship is key to creating an interior that truly reflects the personality of the client. 

Interior Design

Finally, interior designers have a wealth of product knowledge and access to hundreds, if not thousands of products to suit varying budgets. Tapping into this will not only save you time scrolling through lots of websites or browsing furniture stores, but it will also bring the added benefit that you will be provided with options that you may never have considered. A fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective will result in a completely unique space that will be sure to impress.

We hope we have convinced you but if you are still uncertain please pick up the phone and call us for a chat – as always, we would love to hear from you!  

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