Welcoming Our Latest Brand – GUBI

It is not very often that Tangram takes on a new brand. In fact, we are rather choosy about who we work with.

While there are many great furniture and lighting manufacturers out there, we only take on those whose values align with our own. The style of our brands may differ from one to the other, but common themes are clear: exquisite design (often by internationally recognised designers); exceptional craftsmanship; longevity and beauty being just a few. Our brands are the foundation of Tangram, and it is these characteristics that allow us to be completely confident in the product, and ultimately the service we provide.

It is therefore a great pleasure to welcome our latest brand, one which entirely meets our values. GUBI.

Gubi dining room

Founded in 1967 by the parents of Jacob Gubi Olsen, GUBI is a renowned Danish design company that offers a collection of furniture and lighting that are both elegant and daring, bold and defined.

Beetle Dining Chairs GUBI

Combining icons of the past with innovations of the future, GUBI creates timeless designs that evoke emotion.

Bat Lounge Chari GUBI

Whether you are looking for an armchair or office seating, GUBI’s collection offers sophistication that makes a statement.

Discover GUBI today.

GUBI Office
Masculo GUBI
GUBI Home Office
StayLoungeChair GUBI

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