Trend: Over-Exposure…

Exposed light bulbs… We know they’ve been a prevalent interiors feature for a couple of years now, but particularly so recently. There’s definitely a mixed bag of opinions on the trend so we’ve chosen some images in different settings to try and capture its best light (see what we did there…?)

Living space

The minimalist pendants can be that well needed touch of simplicity in a busy living space.  They can also be used in numbers as an understated centre piece. However the practically of the pendants are often contested, for example the length of the cord. Aesthetically pleasing? Absolutely.  Child friendly? Not so much…

Dining table


Another common qualm is that the absence of a shade over the bulb makes the light too bright, so many manufacturers have introduced frosted bulbs seen in the image above.  Bulb Fiction from Lightyears offer this variation and it just so happens they’re available for purchase from Tangram (yip, shameless plug…)


Another easy solution can be the use of low wattage bulbs seen in the above image.  This is particularly preferable in a bedroom which gives a more ambient and subtle touch of lighting.  What appears to be the most popular use of the pendant however, is a single bulb on a long cord in a relatively minimal setting.

Bedroom 2

Refusing to be confined to the home, the exposed bulb trend has expanded into the commercial market.  Perfectly suited to both an office within an industrial building and a library cafe – ceaseless versatility!



So we’ve decided we’re in the ‘yay’ camp for exposed light bulb pendants – what do you think…?