Tangram Way

The Tangram Way

An ongoing expression, running joke, and question we often ask ourselves “is it the Tangram way? Given it is nearly twenty-five years since the company started, we sometimes forget what this phrase actually means – what is the Tangram way? Is it our design style? Our work attitude?  Or perhaps our vision? A recent project with Ortus Homes reminded us that it is simultaneously none and all of the above.

The Ortus Homes Project

A subsidiary of McCarthy and Stone, Ortus Homes specialise in providing beautiful, highly functional spaces for an age exclusive group. Their vision is to “redefine the retirement home”. When Tangram was asked to get involved in the interiors for one of their flagship Edinburgh-based developments, we were thrilled to take on such a new and exciting project.

A stunning property with exquisite architecture and tremendous views, our primary role in Eighteen Murrayfield Road was to work with an exceptional space and enhance it.

Choosing the correct brands and products for each apartment was a carefully considered process, for we wanted to create a look that was timeless, yet stylish; neutral, yet characteristic. A difficult balance to achieve, but the result would be more than just luxurious looking apartments – our aim was to create an environment which breathed depth and sophistication, a place viewers would envision as home.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces from the project and the reason behind their selection.

Porada – Ziggy Bed

Porada’s philosophy is all about turning wood into art. The Ziggy, made from solid walnut is a prime example of how the Italian brand achieves this philosophy. Here it sits as a showpiece in the penthouse master bedroom. Impeccably made and a delight to look at.

Carl Hansen & Son – Cuba Chair


You can always be sure that the utmost care and attention to detail is put into every product crafted by Carl Hansen & Son.  The Cuba Chair is certainly no different. Wide cotton girths weave around the foldable, solid oak frame to create an exceptionally comfortable seat. Unwavering quality and excellent design, this is craftsmanship at its best.


Montis – BACK ME UP Dining Chairs

BACK ME UP chairs are playfully described by Montis as a ‘friend for life’. This description accentuates what Montis is all about, for it suggests that this is a product you can really rely on.  And this is exactly what we love about Montis – visually beautiful furniture, that function brilliantly.

Foscarini Le Soleil Suspension Light

Foscarini ‘develops and produces not only lamps but emotions’. Le Soleil suspension light projects light both downwards and upwards through irregular shaped bands which are layered to form the sphere. This design creates a warm atmosphere which we believe suits the interior tremendously well.


Silent Gliss Curtains

We cannot praise Silent Gliss enough. This is a company that really understands and perfects its products and as result they are global leaders in the industry. Technically, functionally and aesthetically outstanding, their blinds and curtains are extremely difficult to fault. Made to measure, with light controlling characteristics, discreet tracks and electrical operating functions, it is no wonder that they are our number one choice for curtain and blind solutions.

What We Discovered

Ortus Homes was unlike any project we have previously undertaken; however our approach to complete and perfect it was explicitly the same.

It has always been within our very core to carefully listen to our clients’ needs and desires, bringing to life their individual perception of a beautiful environment. With such variety in consumer tastes, adaptability is essential to how we work. This, along with precision, attention to detail and ensuring the very best in product selection defines who we are. It is, and will always be, the Tangram way.

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