Tangram Travels: Milan, Baxter – Made in Italy

Baxter – Made in Italy

As we prepare for the arrival of our new products in to the Jeffrey Street showroom, we were invited to the Baxter factory outside Milan to learn more about the brand.

There is an extensive showroom space within the factory building and we were able to sit on many of the upholstered pieces and understand the different levels of comfort each offered.  In addition to upholstery, Baxter have some great coffee and side tables in the collection along with storage, beds, mirrors, rugs and even some lighting!

Throughout our visit we learnt about the unique characteristics of the Baxter brand and the importance of leather. Baxter as a brand has a real passion for leather and this knowledge and love of leather is very much at their core. There are 18 different qualities of leather and within each quality, a wide range of colours – in total there are over 100 leathers to choose from.  We were educated in the tanning and finishing processes applied to each range and the importance of selecting the right leather for our clients.

Most of the leathers are categorised as SOFT and are some of the most beautiful leathers we work with – they are truly natural, warm and welcoming.  Many of the furniture pieces are deep and squishy and the leather is almost draped over them resulting in an informal, relaxed aesthetic.

The team at Baxter were all massively enthusiastic, friendly and clearly enjoy their roles within the company – this enthusiasm was infectious! We have returned feeling inspired and excited about working with Baxter and look forward to being able to specify the
products on many future projects!