It goes without saying that the importance of thinking sustainably and making ‘greener’ choices is more evident than ever. For this reason, we wanted to highlight the conscious decisions and actions our brands are making to their long-standing commitment to sustainability.

Due to the very nature of European manufactured contemporary design furniture, it is the case that each and every one of our brands has a sustainable approach to sourcing and production. Furthermore, the high-quality standards mean that products stand the test of time, thus avoiding a ‘throwaway culture’.

usm sustainable

Green by Nature

An excellent example of this can be seen in the Swiss manufacturer USM, whom in 2018 won the Cradle-to-Cradle certification for their iconic product USM-Haller, a storage and shelving product designed to last a life-time. Designed in the 1960s this product remains exactly the same today allowing clients to re-configure existing compositions as their needs change.

Built to Last

Danish company Carl Hanson & Son, renowned for its wooden chairs also follows a similar ethos – “Our products are crafted to last a lifetime and our hope is that they will be passed down and enjoyed for generations”.

carl hansen sustainable
stua sustainable

A New Lease of Life

Furthering the concept of longevity, many of our brands, offer services such as repairs and reupholstering and in doing so customers can re-love rather than replace. We have had many instances over the years of clients purchasing replacement covers for sofas which are 10 or 15 years old for the structure remains as good as new.  New covers are still an investment but considerably increase the life of the original sofa.

But it doesn’t stop there, additional steps have been taken by our brands to ensure a responsible approach to sourcing and production.

Green Energy

Italian manufacturer Rimadesio was the first company in Europe within the furniture sector to introduce water based paints on 100% of its glass. Rimadesio uses glass and aluminium as their main materials for production, both categorised as clean and green for they are 100% recyclable. The company headquarters are also energy self-sufficient due to a system of 5242 solar panels installed on the building’s roof, leading to an electricity power production of 1.27 MWp, that is stored using lithium batteries.

Rimadesio sustainable
andreu world sustainable

Responsible Resources

Andreu World puts sustainability at the core of their business paying particular attention to the environment and habitat conservation. The Spanish company will only work with wood from forests that are managed in socially, economically and environmentally responsible manners and was one of the first furniture companies to offer a wooden furniture collection that is 100% FSC approved.

Staying Local

Finnish lighting manufacturer Secto uses PEFC certified birch for their shades and LED bulbs for lower energy consumption. Packaging is made locally using ecological cardboard. Furthermore, when faced with the decision to expand production, Secto chose to stick to its roots and remain in the small town of Heinola in Finland, thus supporting locals and having a positive impact on the community, despite potential loss in profits.

secto sustainable
zeitraum sustainable


Founded on strong environmental principles Zeitraum is a leading example of a sustainable furniture company – currently rating 3rd for most sustainable brands in manufacturing. “From the design, the woods used (surface treatment with natural oils), through to the production in Germany, to the production process itself, sustainability is in the genes of ZEITRAUM”. The German manufacturer offers complete transparency, so much so that when browsing their website one is offered a full sustainable report on each product, what Zeitraum has referred to as the ‘furniture footprint’.


More and more our manufacturers are using sustainable materials for their products and redesigning old models with a more sustainable approach. For example, Vitra’s Tip Ton RE chair is made out of recycled polypropylene and the updated B&B Italia Camaleonda sofa is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Camaleonda sustainable

This is just a snippet of the responsible actions taken by our manufacturers, decisions we fully appreciate and applaud. From production processes to the products themselves, our brands are collectively thinking green – and that can only be a wonderful thing.

For more information on our sustainable brands or if you would like to hear about the latest green products please get in touch.

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