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Spring Clean with Storage

The season of new beginnings has arrived at last and with it we can expect longer days, warmer weather, new life, and… cleaning (oh!).

It’s that time of year when we give our homes a little extra TLC. Polishing, scrubbing and ruthless de-cluttering, homes become sparkly once more.

In terms of the actual cleaning, unfortunately we can’t help you there. BUT what we can bring is more organisation into your life through the means of storage.

Discover some of our top storage solutions and tips to minimise home chaos this Spring.

Storage storage storage. We can never have enough of it! Particularly as we are spending more time at home, ample storage is key to maintaining a clutter free and organised lifestyle.

Whether your home is modest or palatial, we never have enough space and always too much stuff!  If your home is more on the bijou end of the scale, you may need to think cleverly and utilise those spaces that are often forgotten – under the stairs for example. If floor space is short, think vertically and make use of available wall space. Floor to ceiling shelving units can really benefit and enhance a smaller room. By choosing  a combination of open shelves and cabinets, items can be hidden or shown off to inject personality into the space.

When selecting furniture, choose items that are flexible and adaptable – bookshelves that double up as room dividers, dressers that can be used as desks – this will really help maximise functionality.

It is also important to have a de-clutter every now and then. Removing the unnecessary items from our homes will not only do the obvious and create more space, but it will also improve emotional well-being. Living with less has many proven benefits, but this doesn’t mean you need to take on a completely minimalist lifestyle. Evaluate what is important to you and donate/recycle the things that aren’t, we guarantee this will improve your home and make you feel better too.

Porro – Dressing Room

Freshen up your space in more ways than one with a storage unit which integrates plants! If space is tight and clutter is abundant, trolleys can be a practical and trendy solution.

Storage can be stylish, it doesn’t need to just be about function. Make a statement and showcase your belongings to add depth and finesse.

So there you have it, a Spring clean doesn’t just need to be about the cleaning, organisation and having the right storage solution goes a long way to ensuring a tidy home.  We hope we have brought you some interior inspiration and you have enjoyed our tips.

If you would like any more information about any of the above products, or you just fancy a chat, please feel free to get in touch.

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