Rugs – why we love them, why we need them

A room without a rug is like a birthday cake without icing – not essential but mildly disappointing.

The addition of a rug instantly transforms a bare room into one that is well thought through. Interior design is all about instilling emotion and that is why rugs are so important – immediately and subconsciously we feel more at home and relaxed when a rug is present in a room. It creates a softer, warmer and more welcoming interior that would otherwise feel (in most, but not all, cases) stark and perhaps a little unfriendly.

So without further ado, we present some of our most loved rugs in the Tangram collection which are sure to transform any space.

It comes as no surprise that these exquisite rugs are a favourite amongst our clients and the Tangram team. Yes, they are expensive, but rightly so. Using the finest materials such as wool from Tibetan highlands, fine Chinese silk and nettle yarn, each rug is handcrafted to absolute perfection. Inspired by the landscapes and colours of Africa, each rug tells a story which adds to their outstanding beauty. Poetic in design Legends of Carpets are considered a treasure to be passed down from generation to generation.

Nanimarquina rugs

Nanimarquina is a renowned family-run company with a deep respect for tradition and a strong commitment to having a positive impact, both socially and environmentally. The rug collection captures an appreciation for texture, colour, pattern and craftsmanship. This is a brand that is truly passionate about their product – “We understand the rug as the soul of a space. The textures, colours, and shapes of nanimarquina seek to improve people’s well-being.”

kasthall feather rug

Established in 1889 in Kinna, Sweden, today Kasthall is a world leading rug and textile company with showrooms in design capitals such as Stockholm, Milan and New York. Offering completely customisable designs, Kasthall gives the client absolute freedom to choose size, colour and pattern, leading to unique design solutions. Each custom-made rug honours sophisticated design with quality at the heart of production.

moooi extinct animals rug

The carpet collection from Moooi is everything you would expect from a brand that never compromises on creativity. Each design is extraordinary, there is nothing typical nor standard. Daring and somewhat magical, we love the bizarre brilliance that only Moooi can get away with.

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