Quinze & Milan now available in Edinburgh

Exciting and vibrant Belgian furniture brand now in Scotland

Minus Duo chair feom Quinze & Milan Quinze & Milan is not just a manufacturer, but an innovator who has built an industry around their unique technological invention of premium quality foamcoating. This technique allows them to turn any shape and size of foam into a clever, contemporary and sustainable piece of design furniture.

5 reasons to choose Quinze & MilanAirbench from Quinze and milan

1) Get creative! There are 30 standard colours to choose from, and shapes can be custom made to suit your needs. Any colour combination is possible and you can even get your logo (or any graphic) printed on the product.


2) Have fun with it! Great for schools and nurseries – no sharp corners and easy to move around.DAI_SOFA_LATERAL

3) Additional option of a heavy-duty coating ideal for public spaces

4) Use it anywhere! Foam products are water proof and UV filters in the coating prevent fading from the sun.

5) Sustainable to the max! If ever any of the products get damaged or lose their fresh look, there is no need to think of another expensive refurbishment.