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Michele Cazzaniga, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga


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Tense Table – MDF Italia
Designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga and Michele Cazzaniga. Today Tense, together with Tense Material and Tense Intarsia, comes in: 5 heights (H35, H45, H73, H90, H110), 36 sizes, 12 finishes, 170 types, MORE THAN 1500 variants. The table’s simple style makes it versatile and cross-cutting for residential, public and working spaces.


Fine Wood | Italian walnut 
Table made in Italian walnut, transparent acrylic finish. Edges and legs covered in 2 mm-thick cut walnut, processed with sawed effect (series of irregular cuts of different depths). Top covered in 2 mm-thick wood, fine smooth finish with variable slats which give the surface a distinctive array of shades, exalting the natural characteristics of the wood and raw material.


Diamond | glossy red
Tense Diamond was developed according to the ancient technique of Chines lacquer; a process involving the manual drafting of the colour and the following application of four layers of appropriately polished transparent resin. The material stratification process is based on a special mass-coloured concrete resin around 3 mm in thickness which is expertly combined with a binder and applied by hand all over the top in a deliberately irregular and non-uniform way. The subsequent combination of the black patina, rough, dynamic and with lots of shadowy areas, and the surface finish consisting of various layers of polyester, extremely thick, smooth and very glossy, creates an original lens effect notable for its colour and depth. Surface, edges and legs with application of 3 mm-thick material composed of a mass-coloured cement base and surface finish in glossy polyester.


Marble, this particular finish, reconstructed marble, is made starting with marble dust that has been mixed with a filler and is then spread manually over the entire surface of the table. Top, edges and legs are covered with a sheet of material in a thickness of about 3mm. Finishes: black ebony and white Carrara marble.


Frame and Tabletops
35 mm thick tabletop.
– Natural oak wood with transparent acrylic finish. Top, edges and legs coated by 3mm thick solid wood
– Stone, in reconstructed stone, transparent acrylic finish. Top, edges and legs coated with application of 3mm thick material.
– Brass, in brass plate, matt brushed finish and transparent acrylic cover. Top, edges and legs are coated with brass plate.
– Carbone: natural oak, carbonised black, transparent acrylic surface finish. Top, edges and legs coated with application of 3mm thick material.
– Ebano Black marble, in reconstructed marble. Top, edges and legs are covered with a sheet of material in a thickness of about 3 mm.


The table is also available in a version equipped with 1 or 2 openings and an undertop tray.

Use the Tense Table configurator here and let us know what you create!


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