Soffio Light – Foscarini


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Soffio Light – Foscarini
Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. The force and discretion of a great supporting actor. Soffio is a lamp of large proportions, but with a very discreet image. Its warm, intense light is perfect for a coffee table, a console, a footlocker, contributing to create a calm, refined atmosphere. The shaded effect that sets it apart is a masterpiece of workmanship: every piece is unique and depends on the sensitivity of the glassmaker to find the exact balance between whiteness and transparency.


The white glass is intensely charged with light: it produces a low, spreading lustre, indicating a focal area, an atmosphere. The transparent glass acts as a pedestal for the upper part: the cone seems to rise off the surface and float in the air. Though the lamp is a large object, the final effect is one of surprising lightness.


Craftsmanship and technology: Soffio’s glass conceals its inner light source. Placed in the upper part, the light can be adjusted with the disk that closes the top of the cone, thanks to a quick, intuitive touch system. Soffio turns on and off in a breath, with a simple touch of the fingertips.

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