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Wide variety of fabrics and screen material


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Silent Gliss – Venetian Blinds Systems
Venetian blind systems offer the ultimate control over light and glare – minor adjustments throughout the day enable you to have just the right light and visibility. Choose from aluminium, leather or wooden slats. A wide range of colours and fabric tapes are available to completely customise the blind. Aluminium slats suit minimalist interior spaces; wood creates a warm feel, and leather conveys the ultimate sense of luxury.


Motorised – Choose electric operation for ultimate control via a wall switch or remote control.


Chain Operated – Available with mono-control chain operation, a single chain controls the tilting and raising and lowering of the slats.


Wand – Available with mono-control wand operation incorporating integrated brakes for smooth control. Slats close perfectly thanks to the snap system. Our popular privacy feature ensures no direct light penetration when the slats are closed. This is particularly useful for people who work using multiple screens (25 mm slats only).


Cord – Available with mono-control cord operation, a single chain controls the tilting and raising and lowering of the slats, also featuring the unique ‘Quick Drop’ mechanism where a gentle pull on the operating cord will cause the blind to descend in a steady, controlled motion.


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