Mixte – Ligne Roset


Ligne Roset


Mauro Lipparini


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Mixte – Ligne Roset
Designed by Mauro Lipparini. This collection of reasonably-sized pieces that are sold distinct from one another permits a decorative style that allows freedom of design and does not restrict like most bundled units. These pieces will appeal to all those who favor an unstructured approach to interior design. position.

The standard version of this sideboard features 4 doors. The right-hand door may be replaced by a block of 2 drawers (upper drawer with
handhold, lower drawer with ‘push’ mechanism) or with an open niche featuring a central shelf (with rear return) within a lacquered aluminum frame, similar to the Mixte dividing panel. The two left-hand doors open to reveal a central full-width shelf with no intermediate panel. The third and fourth doors conceal a space the same width as the doors. Doors can be all in the same finish (sawn oak or lacquer) or with a contrast cutout (wood on lacquer, lacquer on wood, one lacquer colour on another).

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