Liquid Small Table – Baxter




Aurel K. Basedow, Draga Obradovic


Black satin-finish lacquered base, MDF top, resins finish.


Size: Ø33 H53 – Ø40 H44 – Ø50 H49 CM


From £870 inc. VAT

Liquid Small Table – Baxter
Designed by Aurel K. Basedow and Draga Obradovic. This light and manageable design displays Baxter’s craftsmanship well. Smoothed MDF top, 19 mm thickness,  sits delicately on metal tripod legs. It is decorated by hand with resins smeared in nuance in line with the artist’s creativity and lacquered in eight colours: black/white, blue, grey, aubergine, petroleum, sage, marsala, ash. Surfaces created by hand as “pictures”; each item will therefore be different and unique.


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