Hula Bar Stool – Andreu World


Andreu World


Benjamin Hubert


Aluminum Frame, Upholstered seating.

Hula Bar Stool – Andreu World
Designed by Benjamin Hubert. Iconic, raised as a visual game from the symmetry between the seat and the base and the orbital position of the aluminum footrest. Hula is a stool that has been developed with injected aluminum in different colors and with the seat upholstered to add comfort. Your choices of finishes and customization are very broad. It is available in ten colors -White, black, rust red, terracotta, dark gray, sand, basalt, blue, green and camel-, in a height adjustable version and in two revolving versions with different heights. The clean and essential form of Hula captures captures the eye and defines the spaces where it is integrated. It is, at the same time, as functional as it is singular.

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