Dress Bold – Rimadesio




Giuseppe Bavuso


Frame in black, brown, white, aluminium, brushed metals or any of the 37 lacquered colours. Glass panels available in 74 lacquered colours or a range of transparent or reflective glass finishes.


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Dress Bold – Rimadesio
Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. Dress bold is a system that creates highly customised walk-in closets with the option of compositions made to order for linear, corner and C-shaped solutions. It offers two aesthetical options: with visible uprights or with wall panels, available in lacquered glass, mirror or wood with backlighting. The accessories, which can be freely placed along the wall upright by means of a patented expansion fixing system that requires no holes, include: shelves and bases, clothes rods, tilting clothes racks, drawer units, trouser racks and draw-out trays.


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