Foster 620 Table – Walter Knoll


Norman Foster


Walter Knoll


Base: Solid nut wood or oak, Top – in black, bronze or copper.

Foster 620 Table – Walter Knoll
Designed by Norman Foster.  Cultivated power. Strong and graceful. The occasional table Foster 620 Table seems to be rooted to the floor. Its trunk of solid nut wood or oak is tapered to safely and elegantly carry a slimline table top – in black, bronze or copper.


Foster 620 Table embodies the cultivation of the original through perfect craftsmanship. The lively grain is tamed by a silky soft surface. The table has a calming influence. It is thus the perfect complement to the Foster 620 range that architect Norman Foster designed for urban spaces. The tables, which set natural accents and invite you to sit back and draw breath, accompany the sweeping, dynamic flow of the upholstered benches.

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