Bundle Sofa – Walter Knoll




W 215 D 99 H 78


Walter Knoll


Base material: Die cast aluminium


From £5711 inc. VAT

Bundle Sofa – Walter Knoll
Designed by EOOS. The bundle takes softness to a new level. The beautifully crafted sofa has a heart warming story to creation. Inspired by the popular household game, “Buuuuuun-dle!” families pile up clothes and blankets, shout “buuuuuun-dle” and dive right into the soft make-shift cushions of bliss. This potential of happiness is inherent in the new sofa designed by EOOS. The soft upholstery looks like a large folded blanket, a design idea supposedly as simple as it is ingenious the inviting folding of Bundle can welcome you timelessly. Softer, gentler, homelier. A pure bundle of joy.


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