Bob Sofa – Bla Station


Thomas Bernstrand Stefan Borselius


Depth w backrest 87, Overall depth 59, Overall height 72, Seat depth 59, Seat height 40, Seat width 26 – ∞


Blå Station


A wide selection of fabrics and colours. FSC certifed plywood with moulded foam. Plastic feet.


From £261 inc VAT

Bob Sofa – Bla Station
Design by Thomas Bernstrand Stefan Borselius. A sofa system providing almost unlimited options, constructed using the smallest possible number of modules. Where ordinary sofas are usually rectangular, square and predictable, Bob offers the architectonic freedom to either challenge or adhere to all types of spaces.

Add a hairpin bend. Let Bob undulate across your space or build strict constructions. Long or short. Just a few or lots of modules. Each sofa module is only 26 centimetre at its widest, and with only 7 different modules, Bob is an easy to understand and extremely flexible sofa system. And which other sofa can grow by 26 cm at a time? Without any “back” side, Bob faces all directions beautifully, providing even more possibilities for interior design architecture.

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