Bob Job – Bla Station


Thomas Bernstrand Stefan Borselius


Blå Station


W 26 x H 72 x SH 40 CM (Modules of)


A wide selection of fabrics and colours. FSC certifed plywood with moulded foam. Plastic feet.


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Bob Job – Bla Station
Designed by Thomas Bernstrand Stefan Borselius. Bla Station’s BOB family grows at ORGATEC 2018. BOB Job, is the perfect solution for a casual and creative workspace: a sofa system which can be configured in any conceivable way. Allowing you to add side tables, shelves and even plants and flowers, this element of the Bob is fully equipped to integrate into twenty first century office environments.   These add-ons, available in oak, ash, and stained variations together with six different padded partitions offers privacy and an abundance of different spaces in both offices and public spaces.


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