Bearded Leopards 1 & 2 – Moooi Carpets




206 x 249, 150 x 147 CM




Polyamide, Wool, Soft Yarn


From £1614 inc. VAT

Bearded Leopards 1 & 2 – Moooi Carpets
Design by Moooi. Extinct Animal Rug. The cryptic and mysterious nature of the Bearded Leopards is incorporated within this pattern. The warm colouring at the heart of the carpet is overtaken by splashes of colour as black as the darkest night. The animal is known to become one with the night, just before leaping out…

The rug’s form, bursting with energy, is a reminder of the feline beauty of this godly creature. These two Leopards look great together as a set.

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