Aisuu Chair – Walter Knoll


Walter Knoll


Ginger Zalaba


Leather, metal

Aisuu Chair – Walter Knoll
Designed by Ginger Zalaba. Clear, almost austere in its geometry – casual in its effect. Swiss designer Ginger Zalaba has made Aisuu Side Chair something of a tribute. A tribute to Otto Kolb, her grandfather and a master of the New Bauhaus, who designed avant-garde furniture in the Chicago of the 1950s. With its wing-like armrests, it was ahead of its time. The American Playboy editors were certainly enthusiastic. They called it the “Love Chair”. Walter Knoll found it good from the outset. In 1961, we created an upholstered version of it. And today we are more than pleased that his granddaughter, herself an artist, has reinterpreted the original design.


Ginger Zalaba grew up among the furniture of Otto Kolb. She has been fascinated by her grandfather’s work and the Bauhaus from an early age. She asked herself how she could translate his most important piece of furniture into the present day. She gave it her own language, her own sense of lifestyle: a love of lines, material, reduction. Aisuu Side Chair is a soloist. Exceptional, cool, irresistible.

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