The corporate work place has seen a dramatic change in attitude within the last few years. The work dynamic has changed, become more relaxed and nurturing, with creative giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Google leading the way. Employee motivation has refocused so that an employee is no longer expected to sit in a cubical with their head down but is encouraged to seek communication, inspiration and enjoyment through their work.

This shift is mirrored in the interior design of offices, as more break out areas are created, vibrant colours are added and nature is brought inside. The new energetic and comfortable workplace is meant to make the employees feel at home, away from home. With contemporary breakout furniture becoming the centrepiece of many contract interior designs.

interluebke_004_mell_bett_leder_prWe love Interluebke for the quality and elegance of their furniture but also for their amazing product shots. Not many manufacturers go to such lengths to create beautifully staged interiors, and Interluebke is one who gets them spot on. These most recent images were released with the 2014/15 catalogue Coming Home, which introduces their new products from IMM Cologne: the Mell bed and cabinets, the Grid shelving and the Collect storage system. But Studimo won't be pushed aside and stuns with some new looks of its own. Enjoy the eye candy!

Tangram has recently discovered the 3D at Home app  from Montis, which uses new technology to project furniture into your home. To use the Montis app all you need is a tablet or smart phone and the latest catalogue or a printer. The printed sheet or the catalogue serve as dimension controllers, ensuring that the furniture is shown in correct proportion to its environment.

The interface is very user friendly and the digital image is remarkably realistic. Of course we at Tangram could not wait to play with this new toy and quickly projected some Montis furniture into our showroom.

6a4a7e418db788d9730741a80410f4ffThe 265 light from Flos is one of the many articulated wall lights we have been seeing lately. There is a real trend for these flexible extending lights, but the 265 from Flos has quickly claimed a place in our hearts. It seems to have a unique ability to work in almost any space, with its simple, elegant design.

To celebrate twenty years of Tangram, we threw a party with food, fizz and lots of lovely give-aways. From the Blue Bar in 1995 to the Quartermile Showflats, we have worked on some great projects over the years and met lots of amazing people. Some of these amazing people came to celebrate with us...

Designed by the Finnish interior magazine Deko as part of the Housing Fair Finland, this home is the epitome of Scandinavian style. The look is dominated by a monochromatic colour scheme with white, black and wood. The furniture channels the same look, adding minimal and functional design. Between the furniture and the high ceiling, the overall effect is one of understated luxury.

The furniture used predominantly to create this look is by the German manufacturer e15. Their Backenzahn stools, a classic e15 design,  are here being used as side tables and the beautiful wooden armchair is the Eugene.

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The Milan Furniture Fair has come and gone and, like every year, the Tangram Team has seen an overwhelming amount of fantastic new products. To keep it short and sweet, here are five of our faves - just the highlights!

aspire_3Show flats always look like the most perfect place to live. They are tidy, peaceful and full of promises of a better, more fulfilled lifestyle. We all dream of that perfect home, but what is it like to create one? Our interior designer Joanne has worked closely with the Quartermile development for 10 years now, designing and creating their interiors. She shares with us her motivations and thoughts when furnishing a show apartment.

cb7f094b87a513c8c3ae5ffedbde6dec It's Fair Season! The Stockholm Furniture Fair and Maison et Objet in Paris have already brought some great contract pieces to the market from the biggest names in contemporary furniture. We have walked the fair grounds and sifted through the catalogues to bring you just the highlights, without any of the tedious traveling. 

It's Fair Season! The Stockholm Furniture Fair and Maison et Objet in Paris have already...

Save space and automatically increase the style in any room with creative alternatives. Both the BOLD hotel in Munich and this charming Swedish home have thought ahead. By placing pendant lights over bedside tables, they have allowed room for actually important things like those five books you still want to finish reading. BOLD hotel Munich Swedish house flos
[caption id="attachment_2593" align="alignnone" width="650"]Habibi copper coffee table - e15 e15 - Habibi copper coffee table[/caption]

The coolest colour to accessories with this winter is copper. This trend started a good year ago, but is still going strong and is being used by the likes of Tom Dixon and B&B Italia.

We have added further items to our ex-display sale this January, such as the impressive...

Winter has come! Temperatures are predicted to drop below zero this week, so it is officially...