Interior and space planning at the early stages of home building

Interior and space planning at the early stages of the design process

Advice for home builders and renovators

Last weekend we exhibited at the Homebuilding and Renovating show at Edinburgh’s Royal Highland Centre. Each year we take part in this two-day event and once again the show was a success. We spoke to a wide range of people about their upcoming and ongoing projects: from the home builders to the renovators, we looked through plans to discuss lay-outs, make design proposals and give advice.

 The importance of interior and space planning at the early stages of home building and renovating

On our stand we displayed products from our leading suppliers of blinds, wardrobes and sliding doors,   – each of which is vital to consider early on. The quality and beauty of the products attracted a lot of attention and visitors learnt the benefit of early planning. No matter the size of the project, mistakes are frequently made, and potential is often lost if interiors and space planning are not considered at the initial stages of the design process.

To communicate this to as many people as possible, Tangram’s Managing Director, Julian Darwell-Stone presented expert advice at a Masterclass seminar.

Interior and space planning at the early stages of home building

Our Expert Advice

The talk demonstrated the importance of considering the functionality and layout of each room in the design stage and raised the important question – how will you live in it?

With this comes a series of questions including; what furniture would you like? How much space have you got to fit this furniture? How much natural light do you need? And how will you dress the windows? With blinds or with curtains? Electronically or manually operated?

These are some of the questions to be addressed as your architect develops the detailed design and construction drawings. Liaising with your architect and considering as much detail as possible at the early stages will ensure the best aesthetic and functional outcome, creating an interior which meets your needs and provides a great home.


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