How To: identify your home interior style.

There are so many design styles out there that decorating your home can become a daunting task to even get started. Many of us know what we like and what we don’t like, but how do we commit to a scheme and a style?

A fundamental point to remember when identifying the style of your home interior is that it should always reflect your personality.  This is your home, select a scheme that you love rather than what is fashionable at the time.

At Tangram we believe that truly good design will stand the test of time.

With this is mind we have selected various examples of home interiors to get you inspired.

identify your home style - traditional


Comfort and elegance mark a traditional interior. High-backed furniture, fine details and bold accent colours are common characteristics of this style. B&B Italia captures this level of sophistication in this image with the Édouard sofa and Bronze Cozy table, a combination which instantly adds splendour to the room.


identify your home interior style


Luxurious, innovative, and clean aesthetics, a contemporary interior is also high in quality and considers the value of functionality. Italian furniture manufacturer Rimadesio excels in each of these areas, producing furniture using the very best materials and resulting in contemporary excellence.


identify your design style


Simplicity, functionality and an emphasis on timber furniture defines the Scandi style.  With a passion for craftmanship it is no wonder that Carl Hansen and Son capture this style effortlessly. Using natural materials and applying sustainable practices, Carl Hansen & Son create timeless pieces that are built to last.


identify your design style


  Neutral colours and clean lines are the building blocks to a modern design scheme. Spanish furniture manufacturer STUA achieves the modern look flawlessly with innovative and original designs such as the Costura sofas and lounge chairs and Solapa table collection.


identify your interior design style


Combining styles, textures and periods, an Eclectic interior reflects a home that is really lived in. Accessories are essential to this style, bringing character and personality to each room. Here we use Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra as an example, for if any brand knows how to make a room look alive it’s Vitra.


Identify your home style


Open spaces, geometric shapes, sleek furniture and creative flair all contribute to an Urban scheme. We love what Walter Knoll have achieved with this interior. Thin lines are the base of bold furniture, a stunning contrast that just works. Elegance and subtle creativity form this urban sanctuary.

No matter your preference in interior design style, remember that truly good design will not fade with trends.  Ask yourself what it is that you like about a particular style and this will help you choose a style that really reflects your personality.

To find out how you can create these styles get in touch with the Tangram team today or visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.