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Furniture Fairs cancelled – new products launched!

As promised in our last newsletter, we can now share some of the exciting products launched in recent weeks.  With the cancellation of global Fairs many manufacturers have turned to their digital platforms to get new products out into the world. 

Whilst there is not the volume of new releases we are used to seeing post Milan, we think there are some gems in our first selection, focussed on the contract market: 

Bobby System – Bla Station 

The latest addition from Bla Station to the Bob family is Bobby.  Using the same idea of individual sections, Bobby can be multitude of lengths finished in a wide range of different colours and fabrics.  With a more slender footprint, Bobby takes up less space and will work well at tables and desks.  In addition, each section is joined by strong magnets and therefore the system is fully re-configurable.  We think this is another hit from Bla Station and can’t wait to see it in a project setting. 

Moca Chair – Vitra 

Designed by Jasper Morrison, the Moca chair is typically understated and certainly not revolutionary.  However it is an example of a well-designed and considered piece of furniture that slots seamlessly  into the Vitra collection.  It is a pared back and timeless design and as such will work well in many commercial and residential settings.  With seat and back in oak or dark oak and a dark frame, the chair is smart enough for a restaurant and yet simple enough for a kitchen. 

Adell Lounge Chair – Arper 

The Adell Lounge chair has been designed specifically to work in multiple environments.  The designersLievore + Altherr Désile Park elected to use 100% recycled plastic for the shell and consider the plastic to be a precious material.  Together with Arper they have worked on the texture of the plastic to create something that feels more organic and tactile.  Like many chairs from Arper, the chair starts off as a plastic shell with various bases; a seat cushion can then be added, the entire front of the chair can be upholstered or the chair fully upholstered.  This allows the chair in its basic form to be used outdoors, while fully upholstered it is ideal for meeting and breakout areas or as domestic soft seating. 

Park+ – Bla Station 

Park+ is a product that is designed to bring the idea of outside living in. Based on the concept of a park bench and the ease of interaction and informality that that offers, Park+ is intended for use in public spaces of all kinds.  As the format of a park bench is so familiar to us, the new product immediately feels welcoming and as if it has always been in our world.   An image of the Park+ is also shown at the top of this post.


Jiro Chair – Resident 

A pared back, simple task chair for use in both residential and commercial settings.  Designed by John Tree, the chair has been in development for 18 months and been constantly tweaked through multiple testing by the Resident team to achieve the ‘ideal’ level of comfort.  The result is an understated chair that will work well with many different desks. A refreshing option to provide comfort and practicality which is also visually appealing! 



In our next News entry we’ll provide a summary of more product launches, focusing on the residential market.  Keep an eye out in the next week and on our social media channels for more information.

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