e15 at Tangram

We are delighted with the arrival of our new e15 display.

Come and visit us to experience the new KAZIMIR table and
e15 furnishings in our Edinburgh showroom.

Design: Philipp Mainzer, 2017

A flawless combination of industrial and natural materials.
Taking inspiration from the ‘Suprematism’ art movement,
its design focuses on a mix of bold geometric forms,
materials and a limited range of colours.

The Suprematism movement, founded by Kazimir Malevich
in Russia, refers to an abstract art based upon “the supremacy of
pure artistic feeling” rather than on the visual depiction of objects.

KAZIMIR is also available in a ‘RAW’ version, featuring solid wood boards
which beautifully expose the natural profile of the tree.

The characteristic refectory style frame is available in a range
of standard and custom colours as well as exclusive materials
such as galvanised zinc, blackened steel and brushed brass.

NORTH – Pendant Light
Design: Eva Marguerre + Marcel Besau, 2014

Generating an intriguing display of light and form NORTH
is a poetic light with distinct underlying simplicity. The light
playfully signifies abstract geometry or lunar phases,
changing its appearance depending on the viewer’s perspective –
a fitting companion to the Suprematism inspired KAZIMIR table.

Also available as a table and wall light.

Design: Philipp Mainzer, 1996

A modern design classic, and instantly recognisable, the
BACKENZAHN Stool uses heart wood to create intricate
visual detail from aged rings and seasoning cracks.
Together with the concaved seating technique employed,
comfort and uniqueness are ensured in each stool.

Also available as a flat top SIDE TABLE. 

HOUDINI Design: Stefan Diez, 2009

The HOUDINI family of side chairs has been designed
to perfectly complement all e15 tables.

A light and open style with welcoming curvature
permits extended comfortable seating.
Available in a range of timbers and stains.

THIS Chair – Design: Stefan Diez, 2013

The THIS chair is wonderfully simple in its visual
appeal yet has thee classic e15 technical joints,
easily admired in oak-veneered plywood.

We hope you are inspired by the e15 display
and promise it only gets better in person.

Drop in or book an appointment at our Edinburgh,
City Centre Showroom – Monday to Friday.

Feel free to get in touch via
0131 556 6551 // info@tangramfurnishers.co.uk