silentgliss_02The summer is here! While we are all out enjoying the sunshine and soaking up as much heat as we can, this season can bring some unexpected problems with it. With the sun shining from 4 am till well past 9 pm, many households in Scotland will suddenly find that they actually want to keep the light out.

Summer is the time for blinds and curtains, so you can enjoy the sunshine on your own terms. Here are some useful tips to look out for!

[caption id="attachment_3014" align="alignnone" width="960"]EE offices with furniture from Modus EE offices with furniture from Modus[/caption]

The corporate work place has seen a dramatic change in attitude within the last few years. The work dynamic has changed, become more relaxed and nurturing, with creative giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Google leading the way. Employee motivation has refocused so that an employee is no longer expected to sit in a cubical with their head down but is encouraged to seek communication, inspiration and enjoyment through their work.

This shift is mirrored in the interior design of offices, as more break out areas are created, vibrant colours are added and nature is brought inside. The new energetic and comfortable workplace is meant to make the employees feel at home, away from home. With contemporary breakout furniture becoming the centrepiece of many contract interior designs.

interluebke_004_mell_bett_leder_prWe love Interluebke for the quality and elegance of their furniture but also for their amazing product shots. Not many manufacturers go to such lengths to create beautifully staged interiors, and Interluebke is one who gets them spot on. These most recent images were released with the 2014/15 catalogue Coming Home, which introduces their new products from IMM Cologne: the Mell bed and cabinets, the Grid shelving and the Collect storage system. But Studimo won't be pushed aside and stuns with some new looks of its own. Enjoy the eye candy!