cover photoTangram has recently discovered the 3D at Home app  from Montis, which uses new technology to project furniture into your home. To use the Montis app all you need is a tablet or smart phone and the latest catalogue or a printer. The printed sheet or the catalogue serve as dimension controllers, ensuring that the furniture is shown in correct proportion to its environment.

The interface is very user friendly and the digital image is remarkably realistic. Of course we at Tangram could not wait to play with this new toy and quickly projected some Montis furniture into our showroom.                                                                    look how realistic (1)

6a4a7e418db788d9730741a80410f4ffThe 265 light from Flos is one of the many articulated wall lights we have been seeing lately. There is a real trend for these flexible extending lights, but the 265 from Flos has quickly claimed a place in our hearts. It seems to have a unique ability to work in almost any space, with its simple, elegant design.